Memorandum Student Proposal



Dr. Maher


Wenjia Sun


June 13, 2015


The Proposal for Instruction Kit



Effective communication during the process of giving instructions is a very important aspect of the whole exercise being described by the instructions. For the success of the exercise being taken the instructions must be detailed and comprehension. Also, ambiguity must be eliminated in the instruction so as to rule out difference in outcome of the process. Ineffective instructions are meant to give poor results out of the process. This paper aims at shading a light on an instruction kit that will be developed to enable the ABC Engineering Company comprehend the importance of effective communication use during instructions.

The kit

The materials needed for the activity include light emitting diodes, several pieces of copper wires, a switch, a battery, a rectangular piece of paper and a balloon. For the demonstration of best practice for effective set of instructions a presentation set will be used of give the instructions. Other models and pictorials will also be used to elaborate the best practices for giving instructions so that they could serve as an example to the audience.

In the first set of instructions brief details will be given about the creation of the simple street lights. This set will be considered ineffective but the audience will not be told until they note the problem. The instructions will be brief and will involve the following procedure. Tie the two legs of the light emitting diode using two different wires. The wires should be copper and insulated properly. The led should be red in color. The wire from the anode leg of the light emitting diode should be tied to the live ending of the simple switch. The other wire on the cathode of the light emitting diode should be connected to the negative side of the battery. From the positive side the battery a wire is elongated to the neutral side of the simple switch. Roll up a paper and pass the light emitting diode through it. Blow out a translucent balloon and tie it around the light emitting diode.

Another set of instructions will then be offered that will be brief but will be as follows. Tie the longer leg of the light emitting diode using one of the wires provided. Screw the tied wire on the part labelled + of the switch provided. Screw in another wire on the part labelled – of the switch and connect it to the part labelled + of the battery. Connect a wire between the parts labelled – of the battery to the shorter leg of the light emitting diode. Roll up a piece of rectangular paper into a small radius cylinder, pass the wire leading to the led through it and tie it at the led side using an inflated balloon to cover the led. Diagrams will also be appended to this set of instructions.

In the best practice for writing instruction, better use of instructions will then be demonstrated during the recommendation of the best practice in giving instructions. The audience will be taught on how to customer make the instruction to meet the needs of the user. A comprehensible simple language should be used in all instructions with an inclined need to serve the layman as well.


After demonstrating the best practice for giving instructions an interactive session will be held so that the audience to air their views about the two sets of instructions. To be sincere even those ones with a basis in electronic will say that they had a problem in following the ineffective instructions set above. First they will never even know what the paper will be rolled into a strip or a cylinder. Yet again they won’t know the point where the balloon comes in into the process. The ones with no basis in electronics will totally off the hook from the start. It will also be unnecessary to receive instructions about the led color and type of wire unless they were making them or having a choice from a variety. Can I get homework help from this site?